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Fantacy - An Effective Online Site For Shopping -
Fantacy is a Multi-Vendor and social online business commercial center site which enables clients to take part in socially situated shopping through picture bolsters and sharing. It is an effective online site for shopping where the merchants can include their own item and make a claim store in on the web and utilize that specific store page as their own site. Fantacy is not just web based business site it ...
Added on May 11, 2017

SociBuy -
The impact of internet gives entrepreneurs a better way to sustain their business level. With internet access the entrepreneurs can business over the World Wide Web with global users. Internet not only allows products selling through online marketplace, online classifieds and online storefronts but also a source medium with the wide variety of products with choice based. The generic views on buy and sell based websites are it allows anybody ...
Added on October 20, 2016

Fantacy - Fancy Script with native app -
Fantacy is a social commerce site which is based on Fancy script that helps the user to collect their favourite product and allows users to engage in social oriented shopping through picture feeds and sharing. This socially orientated online shopping is so easy to use and share, that users are sharing all of their latest trends and deals with their social friends. Take your dreams of running a successful online ...
Added on October 26, 2016

Apphitect Multi Vendor Marketplace 2 Magento Plugin -
Apphitect Magento 2 marketplace is the best place to live the dream of going to market live within a day or so with your ecommerce idea. The technically strenuous process of developing an ecommerce store like amazon is simplified to just installation and configuration process. Loaded with responsive free themes, 1 years of free Amazon cloud hosting, adaptive payment splits and much more, Apphitect can be tweaked to fit any ...
Added on September 8, 2016

PHP Mall - multi vendors mall software -
PHP Mall is a powerful and flexible multi vendors mall software. It makes possible for the merchants to sign up and create their online stores with ease. They could start selling their products within minutes without having any HTML knowledge. PHP Mall offers rich functionality for both vendors - to manage their product inventory and payments, invoice generation, statistics, accept multiple payment options like PayPal, 2checkout,, amazon payments, Google ...
Added on May 9, 2013

Affiliate Niche Script -
Affiliate Niche Script is a SEO-Friendly PHP software platform built around the Product API and Affiliate API. Affiliate Niche Script allows you to create unique & highly optimized web stores automatically by populating your website with 1000's of Amazon Products & Reviews and inexpensive products from any niche you choose! Additionally you get income from Google Adsens ads on your sites. Affiliate niche script has many great ...
Added on May 25, 2013

Webify Digital Mall Multi Vendor Shopping Cart -
An Online Mall for Digital Products for your Website.Digital Mall allows you to sell digital products on your website, complete with automatic secure file delivery that happens instantly after a visitor makes a purchase. But what's more, it will also allow other merchants to sell their own digital products within your digital mall.Earn Commissions on Vendor Sales.Digital Mall allows you to earn a commission on all of your vendor sales. ...
Added on May 26, 2013

Amazon Clone -
A solution which allows companies, multi seller and multi vendor to sell their products online. So a store owner can let third-party sellers use the store. The store owner will be referred to as the administrator, while the third-party sellers are referred to as providers.The same shop for all products and categories. Customers shop through a single catalog.Joint product catalog for all sellers/vendorsSeparate orders history for each seller/vendorChat System, Seller ...
Added on May 26, 2013

Fantacy - amazon for advanced social ecommerce script - http://
Appkodes offers a robust multi-vendor ecommerce platform. We design script to satisfy all major features. Fancy clone to built your social online marketplace fancy clone To make your multi vendor ecommerce advanced and elevate it to next level. Sellers can also be able to purchase products from the website with an exclusive platform only for the sellers. That’s how fantacy came up with the seller or store app, only for ...
Added on June 10, 2016

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