Category: File Manipulation

Sciretech Multimedia Manager -
Sciretech Multimedia Manager is a professional multimedia file manager. It offers file hosting, file sharing, uploading, downloading, one-click-hosting, creating and editing of files online. Upload multimedia content and play and view it directly with the browser. Upload your files, edit and save it directly to your server. You even can create files directly on the server and export to other formats. Supported formats for online editing are doc, docx, xls, ...
Added on May 10, 2013

Webnight Commander -
Webnight Commander is a free web file manager with interface similar to GNU Midnight Commander. The main difference is that Webnight Commander have only one directory panel. Basically this is a browser version of the good known Midnight commander.Features: * Ability to merge all source code in single PHP file * Browse all server files if thus is configured * Copy / Cut / Paste / Download ...
Added on June 10, 2013

Mihalism Multi Host -
Mihalism Script provides free and easy image hosting software. The Mihalism Multi Host installer has been designed to be as simplified as possible. With it asking for only MySQL Database & Administrative information not much is needed to begin use of Mihalism Multi Host. Important: Mihalism Multi Host is not compatible with Windows operating system. This is because the Windows file architecture is not advanced enough to provide the functionality ...
Added on June 10, 2013

Micro File Creator -
Micro File Creator writes plain text into a file on your webserver. Just define a filename what you want and insert file content into the form and the script will store it.You can download it from the download section of the website.
Added on June 10, 2013

OPML Parser -
This PHP class parses an OPML file (provided its URL) and returns an array with all the parsed data. This array contains, for each of the OPML file’s elements the following attributes: link_url, link_name, link_target, link_description, link_rss, created (date of creation), type (link type: RSS, HTML, etc.). The class uses file_get_contents() to retrieve the contents of the OPML file and then the XML extension is used to parse and store ...
Added on June 10, 2013

KCFinder web file manager -
KCFinder is free open-source alternative to the CKFinder web file manager. It can be integrated into FCKeditor, CKEditor, and TinyMCE WYSIWYG web editors (or your custom web applications) to upload and manage images, flash movies, and other files that can be embedded in an editor's generated HTML content.FeaturesAjax engine with JSON responsesMultiple files upload (does not work in IE!)Upload files using HTML5 drag and drop (for Firefox and Chrome only!)Download ...
Added on June 10, 2013

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