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Easy Poll - free online PHP polling script -
Easy Poll is a free online PHP polling script that allows you to have an unlimited number of polls, although only one of them may be active at any given time. Your polls may have up to 5 answers. It provides a password-protected admin area from which you can edit, enable, disable and reset the poll. It uses a MySQL database to store your survey data.FeaturesUnlimited number of polls, one ...
Added on July 27, 2013

Multiple Social AJAX Poll -
“Social Ajax Poll” is a web application which is written using PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX. This script is used for creating, managing and embedding your polls. To protect the result of voting poll, this script suggests two ways: voting by IP address (one IP address can only vote once) and voting by user’s account of website (one user can only vote once). To see what script can do, ...
Added on October 13, 2016

MW Poll2 1.0 -
MW Poll is a text-based poll realized with jquery-php technology. It admits at most four choices and it is possible to customize the language.Features of MW Poll:- Text based survey- Maximum 4 choices- Uses cookies to determine how long a user can return to vote- There are 2 buttons to vote and to see the results- Thanks to Jquery technology the page is never reloaded when an user votes or ...
Added on May 8, 2013

Simple Poll -
Simple Poll is a free poll script that employs a simple to use admin interface. It also uses CSS for your poll so that you can easily adapt to the look and feel of your web site. Setup as many polls as you like and include them in your website at different locations. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a fully functional modernized poll system for your web ...
Added on May 8, 2013

Fpoll - free voting or poll script -
Fpoll is a free voting or poll script that uses MySQL to store its data. It has an administration panel from which you can administer your survey.Features:- Secure and easy to use administration panel- Fast and light weight- Prevents multiple voting- Change poll colors and sizes easily- Create new polls in seconds
Added on July 27, 2013

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