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PHP Imdb clone -
We have two different logins in our script, user and the admin login with the maximum rights to the admin. The admin can control the entire website, videos and movies listing, featured and popular movies, pay-per-view tariffs and membership plans for the users. Users can stream the videos and movies through PHP Imdb clone when they have paid for the movie.
Added on January 18, 2018

Jobs Classifieds Scripts -
AJ Classifieds ME- Jobs allows you to start a fully automated and comprehensive online job board software, providing you with the newest features of major career classified scripts.AJ Classifieds ME - Jobs, a robust online employment listings software that provides a platform for job seekers and employers to reach out and communicate with each other. Based on the client's requirements, AJ Square Inc developed the AJ Classifieds - Jobs website ...
Added on June 4, 2013

Auto Classifieds Script Software -
AJ Classifieds ME - Automobiles is a PHP Auto Classifieds Software and it can be applied to a variety of applications, be it for ad management of your automobiles, vehicles, vans, motorcycles, yachts or to run your own commercial online automobile classified ads service where you charge for ads or memberships.With the AJ Classifieds Scripts autoclassifieds ads site, it allows car buyers to browse available autos for free. The Auto ...
Added on June 4, 2013

Real Estate Classifieds Software -
AJ Classifieds ME - Real Estate is the product for a complete Real Estate Listing Software Script. It is customized and ready to go for your Real Estate Classifieds software, rentals web site, independent agent site, or the Real Estate Listing of your brokerage or agency web site.Create Real Estate Web Sites - The Real Estate PHP Script Software of AJ Classifieds is specially designed to handle the unique requirements ...
Added on June 4, 2013

Fundraising software -
The Donation script concept is strengthening in the online crowdfunding business model. This script has been designed with heaps of features that assist entrepreneurs to run a full-fledged donation based fundraising business in a very short time period.
Added on January 11, 2018

Kickstarter Clone -
Are you still searching an equity crowdfunding script? We have developed a product called SF platform, which is the combination of Kickstarter and Indiegogo Clone.Help Your Members Bypass The VC Stage And Get Crowd Funded Instead!This software will enable your visitors to post projects that they need funds for and for people to contribute money to get the project done
Added on July 24, 2013

Member Plus -
Member Plus is a powerful and easy to use membership management script. Buy your favourite elegant themes clone script and membership management script for just $49 at BSETec. Also, you can avail free installation and support for Member Plus. For further details and to know more about the features of Member Plus, please call +91-9944859371 now or send an email to
Added on September 10, 2013

SoundCloud Clone -
SoundCloud Clone is used to create songs, videos and share, upload and create bits for songs with the help of SoundCloud Clone Script from NCrypted.
Added on November 21, 2013

Equipment Rental Script -
Equipment rental system offer highly customization booking system and scalable equipment rental software designed to give advance way to your customer. Create and manage your online catalog for renting vehicle, machine or any other equipment. Manage equipment rentals with iOS, Android and web portal.
Added on January 15, 2018

Purchase Best ARM HYIP Program Script -
ARM HYIP program script is genuine and brilliant to begin high yield investment business. We are having specialized developers with outstanding team to generate this program. We giving assurance for this HYIP program script, before buying the product you can confirm the range of this product. By entering some HYIP script related keywords into Google search engine, it shows the rank of these keywords. Kindly for your information, we launch ...
Added on February 4, 2015

SchoolPlus: School Management Software -
SchoolPlus is an online student information system and a complete school management & administration software offered by Bsetec that helps the teachers and parents to keep, track their students and children education progress records respectively.
Added on March 8, 2016

Wordgraph -
With wordgraph you can show how popular or hot are items, products, some keywords and categories etc. It is easy to implement script and which shows words with different sizes according to how popular/hot they are.Features of Wordgraph:- Can be easily modified- Use data from 1 table or multiple tables- Select for what you want to show Wordgraph
Added on May 8, 2013

AJ Article – Free Article Directory Script Software -
AJ Article is the professional Free Article Directory Script software and Content generator. Run your own PHP article submission site with our Article directory script and content management software.Those articles which are value added and most important can be projected in the Featured Articles. With this the end users can easily sort out the value added articles in their featured articles. In order to have lively and interactive session, the ...
Added on June 4, 2013

AJ Auction 201 -
AJ Auction Pro is powerful PHP-MySQL based web application software that enables you create Professional Online Auction Software like eBay. This auction software program is feature packed and comes in with full admin control. The software designed with MVC framework and uses the industry standard coding practices and follows web user interface design guidelines.The auction software supports 7 types of auctions include Simple Auctions, Fixed Price Auction, Dutch auction – ...
Added on June 12, 2013

Small Reservation CMS -
As the name says: Small Reservation CMS (based on PHP 5/MySqli) is made for small business and only for reservation purposes. One of the extras is a setup file, which allows you to choose your own individual adjustments: E.g. different periods of reservation, forbidden days, URL of web site, absolute path to XML files, max. places, days until automatic deletion of not confirmed reservations, naming the fields of the rent ...
Added on June 23, 2013

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